992Shortly before Christmas in Moscow, from 12 to 14 December, there was the fifth international doll show:»Art of Doll 2014″. It was clearly more than just one simple exhibition, it was a real festival for authors and guests 🙂 My special thanks to the organizers, who brought the event into the life!  Fortunately, I was able to join this great event! Of course, I thank you for your warm words, tips, comments and gifts! Love you all and see you later!


993The weekend is over and everything in the world takes its course again.
Thanks to all organizers for the smooth expiration, to visitors for warm feedback
and compliments! Thanks to the members for their warm reception in their
big family and to the weather for the possibility to admire the old citymiddle of Hertogenbosch. Everything was great!


996There are new milestones and  new rewards in my collection! This sommer I was 3 days long at the exhibition, near Koburg, in Beyern. It was wonderful and relaxed, but In the big hall of Sonnenstadt I presented only my teddybears, because the doll-competition proceeded right in our hotel. At this photo you can see those awards, won by my little princess.

Spring in Moscow

997From 6 to 9 March 2014 in Moscow was the «Spring Ball of the dolls at Wetoschnyi» and I was one of the members. The exhibition proceeded in a very friendly atmosphere. There were many members, known doll- and teddybearmakers. The main event of the exhibition was the doll competition. Among the most important selection Criteria were: originality, shape, color, anatomical proportions, charisma and unity of composition. There were still around 30 authors at the start. There was only one «first place», except the 4 additional nominations. The jury consisted, as usual, of several famous doll makers. After 4 days, there was a prize-giving ceremony, where I was also able to learn from my victory. The jury was unanimous for my doll in the selection and it gave me hope,
that I’m doing all this not in vain! I want to thank everyone who has supported me. I appreciate it! As for me — I’m going on to create my dolls in order to impress you with my work.



«New, at the Messe, was Nataliia Iunina, who presented her special and individuall dolls —
from phantasyfigures uo to filigree dancer. » I make on my own ideas or for a request.
Each doll is a unique and crafted completely by my own hands», explains
the russian artist, wich lives in Bielefeld for 2 years. The idea of doll-producing
came to her, when she studied arts and had to design puppets for a short period
Natalia Iunina had a stand at the stock market in the
«Ravensberger Spinnerei» for the first time.

«Luck of a cat»

In February 2014 there was the Online — competition «Who tamed whom or luck of a cat»
organized by the Museum «House of the Cat» near Barcelona. The task was a
to the topic with a Cat doll . From the many delivered works was exactly my
Composition selected. Nowedays my doll rested in the private collection of Vera
Nowosjolova, the proprietor of the museum. This doll tokk also part on the spring Festival «Mondiger hangover» and reap positive reviews. It is also to find on the pages of a doll magazine «Dear Dolly» .